There is nothing more personal than the choice of a swimsuit or shirt.
The good swimsuit?
Actually, it’s the one who will emphasize you to the best.
Not so complicated, you just have to look objectively to yourself, without denigration and opt for the model able to sublimate your morphology and correct your possible small defects.

Here are some pieces of advice:


For everybody: sliding adjustable strings swimsuit and frowned brassiere;
silhouette with light breast and no hips swimsuit with flounces
athletic silhouette basic swimsuit
 For everybody, adjustable sliding strings and a frowned bra to embellish the neckline.  For the slight persons, choose a swimsuit with flounces to expand your breast and hips.  For the athletic silhouettes, a two-piece suit with an extreme simple cut is perfect.
androgynous silhouette swimsuit with a few appliqué works
for the generous chests, a deep v and large straps
 For the androgynous silhouettes, a finely-worked single-piece at the level of the cut and straps to feminize the appearance.  For the small breast, a loose-fitting bra and strings around the neck to emphasize the chest.  For the generous chests, a deep neckline in V with large straps to keep up and to erase the bosoms.
swimsuit with details and cuts
high size and shaping knickers
 If your waist is weakly marked, sophisticated details and cuts
which accentuate the waist.
 For the small bellies, a casing high size knickers, will erase this small defect.  


Every sizes of swimsuits on the site are French sizes, when the label differs (Italian, English, Spanish size) the size labels and the corresponding French size will be specified to you on your order form.

You will also find our size conversion Table by clicking here.