BioIn 1958, in San Francisco SUN-DEK of California. a swimsuit brand from the early 40's, decided to Increase its collection by introducing a small tine of nylon or cotton-nylon shorts especially designed for surfing, thus creating SUNDEK, one of the first brands dedicated to this sport. In the 60's SUNDEK expanded its market from California to include Hawaii and the East Coast. Their innovative solutions like using velcro instead of zippers, and colorful tropical prints on cotton, soon made popular demand increase.

Universe1972 marks the begining of the era of the rainbow boardshorts. Thanks to their technical qualities and original easy to recognize design, they soon became an icon for surfers. The Sundek endeavor continued through the sponsorization of the ESA (Eastern Surfing Association) and the "SUNDEK Invitational"- In this period athletes like Kelly Stater, Sean Stater, Ken Bradshaw, Corkey Carrot and Mark Foo, all contributed to the growth of Sundek and this wonderfull.