Salt Swimwear

Bio Layla Pakzad has lived by the beach for as long as she can remember. After graduating from the university of California at santa Barbara and from fit (fashion institute of technology) at New York, Layla worked in such fields as, styling and costume design, delving further into the fashion world, she obtained a job at a showroom that represented high-end european designers. Last but not least, Layla took a trip Asia, traveling to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Bali. All along the way she would stop in little towns and have things made out of local fabrics from local tailors. This experience was so exhilarating to her that when she returned home it was all she could think about. This is how salt came to be...

Universe Salt is unique because it fits the needs of many women. Salt cuts are created to compliment all body types and colors are chosen to match all skin tones. Salt is design for the people.

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