To avert winter blues, only one solution: to escape ! Yes but where? A short flight or several thousand kilometers away : palm trees, fine sandy beach and cocktails by the pool are waiting for you. So pack swimsuits and sunscreen, we take off!
 Canary Islands
The Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean archipelago off the coast of Morocco is one of the most popular destinations for Europeans in winter. Cheap and enjoying a climate that is defined as "eternal spring", Tenerife, Gran Canarias, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote offer a panorama of a wide variety. Volcanic landscapes, large forests, desert, black sand creeks, the Canaries are a land of contrasts that will never cease to amaze you! Its natural resources allow multiple activities: hiking, idleness on beaches, but also discovering the cultural heritage of the different islands.
Marrakech, Morocco
The one nicknamed the Red City is a destination that will surely enchant you! With its colourful markets, full of flavours, its impressive mosques and mysterious palaces, it is a real sensory journey that awaits you. Between culture, gastronomy, and adventure, let yourself be driven by the unique atmosphere that surrounds this place.Explore the Sahara Desert on the back of a camel and experience the rhythm of an oriental life. You can only succumb to the charms of the so-called "Pearl of the South", its welcoming Riads , its relaxing hammams and its irresistible mint tea.
Dominican Republic
We escape a little further and we put our suitcases in the Dominican Republic. The first tourist destination of the Caribbean, the island is appreciated for its natural treasures and especially its long white beaches lined with coconut palms. Sun always shining, and small fishing villages make this place an authentic heaven! Charmed by the warm and festive exotic atmosphere, leave your sunbed to explore the marvels of the underwater depths where you can meet humpback whales, the mountainous terrain or the capital Santo Domingo and its fabulous colonial zone, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Miami, Florida - USA
Not so far from Caribbean we flight to the USA and especially in Miami, Florida. True melting pot, communities and cultures mix together creating a pleasant and captivating atmosphere. The metropolis of the "Sunshine State" enjoys a glamorous, artistic and colourful image. Day and night lively city full of surprises, activities are diverse and varied: shopping session in the most luxurious shops on Lincoln road, sunbathing afternoon on South Beach, eating a tasty burger in a dinner on the mythical Ocean Drive, and for the more adventurous ones an exceptional ride in the Everglades National Park to meet alligators.
Let's cross the globe now and leave for Thailand, ideal destination in winter! This country with a strong identity is a guarantee of total change of scenery! With very favourable temperatures in this time, you will have the opportunity to discover the cultural and natural richness of a country full of history. Rich with its fauna and flora, Thailand offers a range of unique landscapes: jungle, reefs, wide rice fields, sandy beaches or secret islands. An opportunity to meet original wild animals. This trip is also and above all spiritual, there are many Buddhist temples that you can visit and experience the rites. Concerning the gastronomy, you will taste atypical and spicy foods!


 The Maldives

In the centre of the Atlantic Ocean, the Maldives is a dream destination, literally. Turquoise lagoon, warm and crystalline waters, immaculate sandy beaches: an amazing spot. A stay in the Maldives is often reserved for idleness but it is also an opportunity to explore the seabed populated by thousands of multicolour fish. You will also have the opportunity to discover the Maldives capital, Male, where you will enjoy traditional markets, colourful houses and many tea houses where you can taste the local cooking.