And everyone knows its bible !
Vogue is in complete effervescence ! The most famous and published all over the map  magazine of the world of fashion has always known how to make it stand out, it or one of its editor in chief !
And for good reasons, September has pride of place ! It's the decisive month for the magazine, the month of the come-back of fashionistas ! And this year September will take another scale, with two big events on our calendar !
The first one ? The documentary film directed by R.J. Cutler ( who has already directed a documentary film about the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton ) will deal with the editor-in-chief of Vogue ( US ), the one who inspired the novel by Lauren Weisberger " The Devil wears Prada"... Anna Wintour !
So are Miranda Priestly and Anna Wintour the same person ?!? A glimpse with this trailer :


Release on the 28th of August for USA, and the 16th of September for France.
And the second event we shouldn't miss ? The one organized by Vogue itself, an event which will take place every year : the Vogue Fashion Celebration Night. It will take place the 10th of September in the most beautiful cities around the world. Further informations on this site !
We know what to do and where to be in September !