This week-end happened the International Underwear Exhibition, three days of lightness, feminity, and sensuality. At the Versailles Exhibition center, in Paris, near 450 underwear brands from 37 different countries introduced their creations for 2018. Conferences, shows, testimonies, meetings, it was a real immersion in all the delicacy of the world of underwear. But not only…beachwear was also a part of the exhibition, and we love that ! The opportunity for us to give you the trends of this summer.

So, we all know, the weather is not really in a "bikini mood" to which we prefer the mittens and the caps.  Nevertheless, warm days will arrive more quickly that we think, and we must be ready for this exciting time. So, what will compose your summer dressing this year ?
Travels and exoticism…Inspiration comes from the Mediterranean coasts and the countries of the southern hemisphere. Bright colours, ethnic, flowery prints, luxuriant patterns, tropical atmosphere is the right one. In Roseanna collection, grec influence is really present, some swimsuits bear the image of Mykonos, one of Cyclades islands. 

Mykonos, Lana - Roseanna

Tie and Die, Wendy - Roseanna


About shapes, one piece swimsuit is still right up there ! Compatibled with every morphology, it will give you classy and fancy look. Play of asymmetry lets suggest parts of the silhouette and refines it. Bikini stays on top and is pimped with jewel accessories especially in Calarena collection.


Chups Smartiz Musque - Calarena

Carioca - Calarena


Innovation is about matter with bold fabric combinations that improve comfort and swimsuit sustainability. Support and resistance are multiplicated and allow to enjoy all beach activities. Lace mingles with silk while LYCRA® and linen make a perfect match. Albertine collection flawlessly uses this matter alliances. 


Camarat - Albertine

Santiago - Albertine


Pastel colors withstand overwinterin and are back again this summer, in particular with Solid & Striped brand, while more masculine colors such as blue grey come to the fore. Effects of glossiness, relief or transparency give character to the style. 


The Anne-Marie - Solid & Striped

The Claudia - Solid & Striped



Finally, beachwear becomes even more high fashion and ostentatious. Grace is the key word of collections that highlight feminity of every woman.

The silhouette is curvaceous and assumed ! Small details, hand-made custom work, the creation is neat, meticulous, for a real fashion and glamorous summer outfit. 

So now you know everything to be trendy this summer, there is no excuse. Discover new items of summer 2017 on, new surprises coming soon…

The Jennifer - Solid & Striped