New-York New-York New-York ! The city which never sleeps. The city for the highest buildings, for the best business men, but first of all, for the trendiest fashionista !
 Meeting all the stuffs of your dreams will get you the buyer fever, which is very contagious !
Can you imagine ? If I would have the opportunity to rebuy my entire wardrobe, I won't hesitate for a second !
But, once you spoilt yourself by buying your dreams, you only have one fear, the one of not taking care of them.
STOP ! Take it easy, don't worry, be happy ! LaNouvelleVague thinks about you !
LaNouvelleVague dug out "The Laundress", the best textile shampoo ever.
 That shampoo smells delightfully good. It takes care and preserves your favourite clothes from the ravages of time. The Laundress is the perfect shampoo for your delicate clothes, and of course for your swimsuit purchased on LaNouvelleVague !
And to preserve also our environment, its components are organic and 100% biodegradable !
By the way, The Laundress is naturally from New-York !