Solazy is first of all a girls history, with beach and sand.



Emma just wanted to comfortably make the most of the beach, while remaining in the trend. Out heavy and bulky folding chair and beach chair!
Bye bye cramps and other stiff necks !
Inspired by travels, she imagined a new concept of smart, light, practical beach chair which could be so much comfortable on the sand !
At the end of 2006, she decided to launch her revolutionary product with her friend Charlotte, also mother of 3 children.
They created together SOLAZY, and this is the start of the adventure…


Turquoise blue, chocolate, orange just add themselves to the flashy and happy brand’s colors for this 2009 collection. Already adopted by full of clients and press, these smart beach chairs link elegance to absolute comfort.
A little smart and trend accessory… LaNouvelleVague, of course !