This summer, the landscape prints are still a trend. That's why we love these Monsieur Albert swimshorts, with a 30% discount

Léon IpanemaLéon CalviLéon PalmLéon Biarritz





Our heart is divided between short and long swimshorts which will give you an appearance of boxer or surfer. From -20% to -40%.

Le Cap - HéliosOrlebar Brown - Dane mazzanineLe Cap - RomaOrlebar Brown - Dane Olive





There is nothing like fluo colors to sublimate your tan.
From -20% to -50%.

Sundek - 502M Sunkissed FluoOrlebar Brown - Bulldog short MiamiTooshie - Copacabana YellowSwim-Ology - Raspberry Sorbet Pink





Finally the graphic prints which stay, year after year, a safe choice.
From -20% to -50%.



Orlebar Brown - Bulldog Waterprint RedSwim-Ology - VegasOkun - Ali FawoLightning Bolt - Bolta Dot Crane