Summer is in Paris and today you only want one thing : enjoy the parisian sun and refresh yourself in a swimming pool...
We have selected you some adresses which will permit you to enjoy the weather, even in that big city. 


Joséphine Baker Pool (Paris 13)

This atypical swimming-pool is situated directly on the Seine, on a boat. It offers a complete equipment with a solarium, a spa and a fitness center.
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George Vallerey Pool (Paris 20) 

This swimming-pool is cover or uncover depending on the weather, thanks to a wide sunroof which transform the poolsides into solariums. 
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Roger le Gall Pool (Paris 12)

This swimming-pool offers two pools : one of 25 meters and one of 50 meters. From June to September, the 50 one is uncovered in order to enjoy the sun. There is a big grassy area  around the pool which serve as a big solarium. 
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Butte aux Cailles' Pool (Paris 13) 

This historical swimming-pool offers 2 outside pools, one of 12 and one of 25 meters, a solarium area and a fitness center. Since April, the time slots have been extended, which will permit you to fully enjoy.
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Auteuil Pool (Paris 16)

This swimming-pool is situated in an island of green, making it a must-see place of relaxation thanks to its unique solarium. Two pools are at your disposition.
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George Hermant Pool (Paris 19)

This swimming-pool is provided with a 50 meters pool, perfect for the sportiest of you. Solarium areas are installed fot the summer season in order to permit you to enjoy the sun.
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