One of the biggest French stylist Christian Lacroix is today going through a difficult patch. The financial crisis doesn’t spare luxury. Since May 2009, the fashion house knew bankruptcy.
“We cannot consider as a simple industrial accident the actual difficulties the Lacroix fashion house is meeting. It will be a cultural disaster if this fashion house disappeared”, said a few days ago Mr. Frederic Mitterrand, the Minister of Culture.
But the Lacroix magic doesn’t stop on this misadventure.
Christian Lacroix is a fashion lover, but also an art lover. Before presenting us, thanks to many fashion shows, all his masterpieces, Christian Lacroix was decided on a curator career, passionate by History of Art.
But encounters and career will lead him on the road of fashion, for our greatest pleasure ! Christian Lacroix is into all kind of things. After a brilliant career in fashion, the designer tries the universe of costumes, by creating for opera and theater. He designed therefore  the costumes of Chantecler, Carmen, Phedre, The Marriage of Figaro, Cinderella, Cyrano de Bergerac… In 2006, he was nominated President of Boards of Directors of the National Center of Costume, and by the end of 2007, the Museum of Decorative Arts put in place the exhibition “Christian Lacroix : History of fashion”
Fashion, costumes, but also design. And more recently Lacroix designed carriages of the High Speed Train, or the Valentine’s Day stamp.
Christian Lacroix is playing and amazing us by his creativity and genius.
To illustrate the artist, here is a small retrospective of some of his creations.

2007- Haute Couture Spring/ Summer

2007/2008- Ready to wear Autum/ Winter

2008/2009- Ready to wear Autumn/ Winter

2009- Haute Couture Spring/ Summer




To finish, one of his creations for his latest fashion show of Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 for Haute-Couture.



Christian Lacroix is a man of fashion, art and design, but also a big-hearted man. He is part of these artists who created a tee-shirt for EJF, a foundation fighting against violations of Human Rights in the cotton production sector.