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Christian Lacroix a famous designer whom  we’ll not present you anymore is still in love with the beauty of women and that love knows no boundaries.
He now invites you to travel to the heart of the Middle East according to a geographical route from northern Syria to reach the desert of Sinai.
 Go to the Musée  Quai Branly in Paris and you can schedule your visit until May 15th, 2011.
Christian Lacroix tells us, through an exhibition called East of women, the story of his inspirations.

Follow the guide, you will not be disappointed with this trip you will discover the suit of the Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian then Bedouin women: festive dresses, coats, veils… unpublished pieces, exhibited for the first time in France.


- Christian Lacroix and the dresses from his exhibition- Photo AFP


In contrary to popular belief, you will advance in a world rich in color, carefully staged by the designer. Do you know that's here, in the cradle of the Mediterranean and the Near and Middle East, we find the most ornate costumes of the history of clothing?

Discover the expertise of these women, their habits and customs.

Ready to travel with a great designer, an invitation like this we can't decline it ...…