Don’t worry ! There is nothing to do with Archimedes! With the summer already there and the holidays coming (or keep going for some lucky guys), I won’t praise a physic formula or something else like that !
Eureka is THE magic word, the one that can express our happiness for a solution to one problem or another. Eureka, ok, we’ve understood… but eureka to what ?!
First of all, let me plunge you into the atmosphere… It’s a beautiful and warm day, the sun is shining... So shiny that it’s already dazzling you with its light… so, hop hop hop, draw your most beautiful sunglasses! And when the sun will disappear (or you’re simply in the shade … ), your sunglasses have no real functions anymore, apart from the esthetic one.
So, what do we do ? We applaud Debbie Zoullas, the brilliant designer of La Loop !
Keeping  your sunglasses around your neck is a simple, but efficient, idea! Yes, but I don’t want to tarnish the beauty of my sunglasses with a basic strap! No way! I want the smart and chic La Loop necklace, of course! It’s a new way to keep your favorite sunglasses, while staying fashion.
For the elegance in any event, I’ll tell you ever and ever again, LaNouvelleVague takes up the challenge!
For your eyes only, here is a small demonstration :


By the way, I forgot to tell you that this trend is growing day after day… Do you know who likes it ? If I tell you Heidi Klum, Demi Moore, or even Brad Pitt…
That’s a trend you shouldn’t let go away !



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