As I can’t stop telling you, beautiful days are back ! So, let’s bask on the sun, read a good book or even walk along the streets in our city. Have you thought of the cinema? But while taking advantage of summer! You’ve understood me, I’m talking about drive-in theater !
For this 19th edition, The Parc « La Vilette » in Paris proposes a various and rich program for children as well as cinema enthusiast, from the 15th of July, on the “prairie du Triangle”.
All around a same theme : from the discovery of a “New World”, to the discovery of ourselves, from the metaphorical to the initiatory trip…
The festival is becoming free again, so why deprive ourselves?
The festival is beginning in few days. If you’re already on holidays, don’t worry, you can lie down on the grass of “Parc la Villette” until the 16th of August !
For those who won’t make a stopover in Paris this summer, here is a small selection of cities proposing drive-in theater :
- The town of Pont du Gard, until the 8th of August, with Mamma Mia, Madagascar 2
- Villeurbanne, until the 19th of August with Juno, O’Brother
- Chilly, the 24th of August, with The fox and the child
- Brest, until the 12th of September with Azur & Azmar, Indiana Jones ans the kingdom of the Crystal Skull…