For the first time of its history, the famous french maison de haute couture has chosen Latin America and Cuba to present its new Cruise Collection.

Cruises Collections are a true challenge for all the designers. Indeed, these fashion shows are organized in "off-season", that is to say, outside of the Fashion Weeks. These are mid-season collections which, consequently, stay longer in the shops and so represent an economic stakes for the brands. 

For the most famous Maisons as Chanel, the destination is really important in order to highlight the fashion show as much as possible. Most of the time, the destination has a very big architectural potential : in 2015 Chanel Cruise Collection took place in a futuristic place in Seoul.

This year it's at the heart of Havana, at the Paseo del Prado, beside the beach, that the catwalk took place. Cuba has been chosen naturally as Karl Lagerfeld has been inspired by the Caribbean landscapes to create his collection. 

This fashion show is another big event for Cuba which has already welcomed Barack Obama, the Rolling Stones and the production of the new Fast and Furious movie, among others, this year. Cuba has really became a new trendy island.