Bronzette, the cruise collection 2015

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Bronzette launches its first cruise collection for winter 2015. For the occasion, the French brand of swimsuits revealed a video. Sixties cups, silky materials, bright colors… With this collection called “Minuit”, Bronzette plunges us into a vintage universe. On a background sound of words of love, get involved romanticism and sensualism.


Find two models available right now on, while waiting for the spring-summer collection on 2015, which will be revealed in January.


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This year, « Burberry » was in charge of imagining the famous Christmas shop windows of the Printemps Haussmann in Paris. A real show for this Christmas.
On Thursday, November 6th, the Printemps Haussmann in Paris revealed their Christmas shop windows, created this year by the famous luxury brand Burberry. After Chanel, Dior and Prada last year, this is the first time for the british brand.
Eleven windows, along the boulevard Haussmann, tell the trip of a child with a magic trench coat Burberry,
accompanied with its cuddly toys, from London to Paris without leaving its bed A real stageplay. “It’s an imaginary trip, all the boldnesses are allowed” announced Franck Banchet, the art director of the store.
This event was also the opportunity to welcome his two muses, Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne, but especially to reveal an exclusive collection created by the brand on this occasion.
Clothes for men and women, accessories, make-up, or collectors items… A multitude of special editions is now available at the Printemps Haussmann.
Other novelty, for the first time since the store joins to a great brand, every Printemps of province in France will tell it “Christmas, magic trip by Burberry” from November 15th.
A magic decoration and unique Burberry pieces, of which make dream about youngs and olders until January 15th, 2015.


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Kenzo - Grace To The Nth Power

Friday, July 25, 2014

 Kenzo presents “Grace To The Nth Power” 

Through its virtual and real exhibition entitled « Grace To The Nth Power », Kenzo presents us its PreFall 2014 Collection in a surprising way. 
« Grace To The Nth Power » is the Kenzo’s new multimedia project. The Film is realized in order to present the PreFall 2014 Collection designed by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. The brand takes us in a 3D experience where we discover an exhibition dedicated to Sudanese-American model Grace Bol.
This film directed by Partel Oliva is in collaboration with the web designers Kim Boutin and David Broner. For the music, Fatima Al Qadiri, to who we owe the soundtrack of the Men Show Autumn-Winter 2014, has been chosen. 
. Story of the film
Little time before the « Grace To The Nth Power » exhibition, the gallery was broken. Not wishing to cancel the event, the artist decided to replace the missing works by videos showing thieves. Visitors find themselves in an empty gallery and attend the theft. We rapidly understand that the culprits are the model Grace Bol and her accomplice Sang Woo Kim. 
Fully live the 3D experience on the Kenzo website :
After viewing the film, visitors can go to a special website to buy clothes. Kenzo also organize an exhibition of the videos and works at the Galerie 12 Mail/Red Bull Space in Paris from September 24-26.

. Autumn-Winter 2014 Kenzo Pre-Collection 


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The cult swimsuits in film #2

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The cult swimsuits in film #2


For our serial’s next episode of the cult swimsuits in film, we take you in the 2000s. The Beach, Charlie's Angels, Die Another day and Tomb Raider are definitely the films which have left a mark on us ! 

. The Beach

Released in 2000 by Danny Boyle, the cult film The Beach reveals a dream cast. The actors Guillaume Canet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Virginie Ledoyen and Tilda Swinton make us live their surprising adventures.
Stunning in her blue bikini, the young Françoise (Virginie Ledoyen) doesn't fail to impress Etienne (Guillaume Canet) et Richard (Léonardo Di Caprio), who come to fight for her. 
Our selection :
. Charlie's Angels
No doubt, Charlie’s Angels has truly left its mark on the cinema. 
Released in 2000, the film presenting lovely and intelligent detectives Alex, Dylan and Natalie, is quickly became cult. 
In the role of Natalie Cook, Cameron Diaz stays true to herself and is more funny than ever. So we remember the white bikini in which our favorite surfer is gorgeous. 
Our selection :
 . Die Another Day
Impossible not to quote the twentieth episode of the James Bond Saga, Die Another Day, by Lee Hamatori ! Released in 2002, we find again Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry in the roles of James Bond and Jinx. 
Without doubt one of the most memorable scene, the homage to Ursula Andress. Wearing an orange bikini, our mysterious James Bond Girl hypnotize us on the beach.  
Our selection :
.Tom Raider
In 2001, fortified by her likeness with the character of Lara Croft, it is Angelina Jolie who is chosen to interpret the heroine of the Tomb Raider video game. 
Directed by Simon West, the film reveals the talented Angelina Jolie transformed in sexy warrior. 
So, impossible to missed out on the actress’ dream body. Wearing a black bikini, our Lara Croft is radiant.
Our selection :
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The cult swimsuits in movies

Friday, July 4, 2014

 The cult swimsuits in film


And if the latest collections of our talented designers were inspired by the greatest films ?


We necessarily all remember the famous red swimsuit of Pamela Anderson in the Baywatch series, but many swimsuits worn by our favorite actors have left their mark on us ! Here is a small selection of our favorites which you can find similar styles on our website ! 
. La Piscine 
Released in 1969, the film La Piscine is directed by Jacques Deray. It is at the edge of their pool in Saint-Tropez that Marianne and Jean-Paul interpreted by Romy Schneider and Alain Delon, spend idyllic holiday or almost. We follow the adventures of these young lovers dressed swimsuits. Alain Delon chooses the wild side while Romy Schneider opts for the simplicity with a black bikini.  
Our selection : 




. Suddenly, Last Summer

In 1959, Montgomery Clift and Katharine Hepburn are the partners of Elizabeth Taylor in the film Suddenly, Last Summer directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.
Based on the play of the same title by Tennessee Williams, this work has left a mark on us by its incredible casting but also by its polemic side.
While Catherine Holly (Elizabeth Taylor) spends time on the beach, we admire this white one piece swimsuit, one of the major trends of Summer 2014.


  Our selection :


 . Monkey Business



Monkey Business is a film directed by Howard Hawks. 

Released in 1952, Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe play the Dr Barnaby Fulton and Miss Lois Laurel.

It is in the swimming pool that we find again our two actors with a broad grin.
Our look stops then on their swimsuits which will not fail to inspire us this Summer. 


Our selection :



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