LMDC : Remember this initials !
You probably better know JCDC, Castelbajac senior. So let’s introduce the son !
Louis-Marie de Castelbajac, son of the well-known stylist and designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, keeps the same rock-pop-art influences as his father !
“My father gave to me a thirst of knowledge and novelty”, he says. And this time, he’s creating the trend by launching his first line of clothing with his own brand Panda Kunst.
A gently provocative collection with a drop of humor ! Tee-Shirts and sweat-shirts printed with slogans referring to art, literature or currents affairs.
With messages so “'Tongue in cheek” such as “Thank God, I’m an atheist”, or “Too strange to live, too rare to die”, Panda Kunst collection sets itself apart, and that’s why it’s attractive.
Last but not least, tee-shirts and sweat-shirts are100% organic cotton fitted!

It’s time to buy ourselves Castelbajac Junior ! Mischievous and always Fashion !
And I let you guess where you can find them… !