Some history :

Cariocacollection was launched in 2003 in Corse, first it was a family business with Pascale Tozzi the aunt and her two nieces Marie-Luce et Sandrine Piergigli. Sandrine, the stylist has been graduated from a big school in Milan.
The brand Cariocacollection is elegancy, trendy and modernity. 

2014 News:
Corcovado is the most famous swimsuit of Cariocacollection since the brand was launched. We can understand why, this swimsuit is actually very modern and original you can switch position and there are new colours in this collection, so you can wear a colour on the top and a different one on the bottom. 
Cariocacollection is, this year again, original and trendy so we haven't finish to hear about Cariocacollection's best-seller. 
Good news is that in 2014 most of Cariocacollection will be as this swimsuit, you’ll be able to buy only one swimsuit and feel like you have at least 4. It will be the fashion trend in 2014.  


Lots of surprises to expect :

Cariocacollection is saving us some beautiful surprises with more light and trendy pieces to be at our best on the beach this summer.
Watch out ladies, summer is coming…