Who doesn’t  know Gabrielle Chanel aka Coco Chanel , always associated with refinement, luxury and distinction... Chanel's life has not always been pink and Justine Picard decided to write her biography because she was a fashion designer who revolutionized fashion and changed the lives of women.
The French version of the book "Coco Chanel, the legend and the life", has just been published by Steidl and helps to perpetuate the legend of this woman, symbol of French elegance.
 Discover his past in the fashion industry, a modest start at first then suddenly it was the success and fortune. Her youth was similar as Causette then she meet someone who propelled her in the society life.
We can say that her life hung by a thread. A story as a fairy tale but  her  success, she also owes it  to her talent because “she doesn’t create fashion”, she said, “she’s fashion !”
Coco Chanel  is timeless because even if " fashion goes out of fashion, style stays " and we will never forget the little black dress, a classic in our wardrobe...
To our delight, the book is illustrated by another big name in fashion, I appointed Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, who paints a portrait of the lady of the Cambon street marvelously.


The genius of Chanel is in this work, a true masterpiece.