It’s not the spring. However couples are formed here and there for our greatest pleasure!
Let me introduce today the 3 new duets of the autumn term. Concerning the first one, you are probably used to it. It’s the long-awaited wedding between Sweden and the shoemaker, H&M and Jimmy Choo of course! We all know it, the Swedish one is kind of gourmand and it’s not its first adventure. After Karl Lagerfeld, Stella Mc Cartney, Roberto Cavalli, or even Matthew Williamson, it’s making a partnership with one of the most famous shoemaker, Jimmy Choo who is naturally designing some exclusive models, but not only for shoes ! The designer is also visiting the men and women wardrobe.
Be prepared to run : Launching is foreseen for the 14th of November !
 The second couple is making everyone buzz about it ! Still in the shoe department, Converse invites the designer Rei Kawakubo from “Comme des Garçons” to revisit the mythical model.
Unisex models, white and black background with the blue-eyed heart for the color touch. This limited collection (therefore collector) will be available in September !


And finally the third duet ! The Japanese brand Uniglo has proposed to the stylist Jill Sander to design a few models. The prices for these special items will be spread from 30 euros for a shirt to 110 euros for a boiled-wool coat.
For those dreaming of Jill Sanders in their wardrobe or simply loving her creations, I let you enjoy this partnership on the website especially made for this event !