70 years ago, July the 5th of 1946, the french automobile engineer Louis Réard has created, for the contest of the most beautiful bathing beauty organised in Paris, the first Bikini.
For the anecdote, the word "bikini" come from the name of an atoll situated in the Pacific ocean, which had been destroyed few days before the contest by an american nuclear bomb. Réard hoped an explosive reaction from the public, and that's why he called his creation "bikini".

However, his bikini didn't encounter the success that was hoped from the very beginning : indeed for the show, none of the models wanted to wear the bikini because they thought that it was too much scandalous and denuded. Finally, it's a dancing-girl of the Paris Casino who accepted to wear the bikini, becoming the first woman to wear one. 

Micheline Bernardini


At this time, in France, if the swimsuit is tolerated at the French Riviera, it's not same the same on the others coasts where the bikini is prohibated. In others countries like Germany, the bikini has been forbidden until the 70's.


It's at the end of the 50's that the bikini has begun to win the heart of women thanks to the appearance of celebrities wearing one like Brigitte Bardot in Cannes, the James Bond Girl Ursula Andress or Romy Schneider in the mythical movie La Piscine. From then, the bikini will no longer be considered as scandalous but as an undeniable accessory of seduction. 


In 1959, the bikini has even been elected as the "clothe of the year" by Vogue, and has made its entrance in the dictionnary.

The bikini can truly be considered as a revolution because it permitted to women to quit their 3 pieces very covering by adopting a simple 2 pieces revealing their bellies. This revolution follows an other big one, the one of the right to vote for the French women accorded in 1944. 



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