This is the first time Barbie comes in a french museum, the opportunity to discover this famous doll, sold worldwide since 1959.
The exhibition, which takes place at the Arts Décoratif museum in Paris, will be as interesting for kids as for adults. Indeed, adults will discover, from the american way of life to nowadays, the political, social and cultural differents changements that Barbie embodied. Among them we distinguish the evolution of the women’s status and the evolution of her image by changing the body and the face of the doll in 1977 in order to make her looks like more superstars top models.
Barbie had also been an inspiration for many artists as Andy Warhol for exemple, but also for some big names in fashion as Dior, Sonia Rykiel or Christian Lacroix who created her some made-to-mesure garments, and you will be able to see them during this exhibition.  



 Barbie Exhibition
Arts Décoratifs Museum
-107, rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris-
From March, 10th to September, 18th 2016.
11€ / 8,50€